About Us

It has been our dream for the longest time to start something on our own. What better way to do so than to pursue things that we hold really close to us - home and wellness. 

hōm aims to inspire intentional living. This means slowing things down and being conscious of where you spend your energy and time. By empowering you with functional and aesthetic homeware pieces, we hope to serve you and the purpose of your home. 

You, our community, are at the center of hōm. We hope to navigate life together with you by providing a safe space for you to learn and share about your wellness journey as well as experiences with our products. 

As truly certified homebodies, we understand that a home is not only a reflection of our headspace, but also a reflection of our dreams, vision of success and personality.

Home is what and how it makes one feel, so what does your hōm look like?

Cal and Van