hōm x En

hōm x En

Meet En Ceramics, our second pottery partner and very first local collaborator. En focuses on small batch handmade ceramics and is helmed by the young and talented Ashley, Intricately made, this collaboration brings beautiful fresh pieces to hōm's special 2nd anniversary collection, Flow. 

We work closely with all our artisans, which is why we would love you get to know the amazing people behind your everyday homeware pieces. Get to know more about bright and talented Ashley here!

Why do you do pottery? 

I’ve always had a deep interest in ceramics and finally decided to try my hand at it in 2021. I love that each and every piece is unique and crafted by my hands.

What do you enjoy most about it? 

I enjoy the process the most. Being able to be inspired by different things in daily life and bringing an idea to life makes me the most satisfied ◡̈ The end result gives me a different kind of satisfaction though! Seeing my pieces go to new homes and being used and loved by different people makes me glad as well.

⁠What inspires you for your works? 

I often find inspiration in the mundane things, be it colour palettes or forms. Things that inspire me can range from things in nature such as trees to unassuming items such as furniture 🤣

⁠How do you want your customers to feel when they use your pieces?

I often hear that my pieces give a sense of calmness and quietness aesthetically. Which is something I often try to achieve through my work. I hope that the pieces I create will allow people to slow down and appreciate small moments alone or with family and friends ☺️

Your pieces will be part of collection, Flow, which is a collection on embracing small joys and trusting in the process. How do you think you've brought your pottery style to life in this collection?

As I mentioned, I often get inspired by the mundane things around me. When I first heard of the idea behind the collection - Flow, I pictured in my head a slightly open window with fluttering curtains and warm light filtering through (not sure why haha) Sights like this in real life also bring me a lot of comfort and joy but they also exude a sense of new beginnings. The collection is a step out of my comfort zone especially with the colours that we have used. I wanted the design of the cup to incorporate the elements of curved lines so that I would be reminded of the little image i saw of the curtains fluttering in the wind. I hope that as people utilise the cups, they will be able to enjoy the small joys of basking in the morning sun with a cup of coffee/tea and know that there is much to be grateful and excited for in their little lives ☺️

Connect with Ashley from En Ceramics here!



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