hōm x Krav

hōm x Krav

Meet Krav, our first collaborator, a Bali based Pottery specialising in handmade ceramics made in small batches by local Balinese craftsmen using local resources. 


We chanced upon Krav during one of the founder's trips to Bali and was immediately drawn to the unique but simple pieces the brand had to offer. Delicate but statement, Krav brings out the beauty of perfect imperfections of handmade pottery fitting for every home.


All Krav’s products are intricately handmade by local Balinese craftsmen, from the shaping, drying to firing processes. While each product might not be exactly the same, Krav brings to us products filled with their own characters and special stories. 


Check out the Issha Mug, the first ever Krav product we are carrying from the brand here and connect with them on their ig @krav.pottery!




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