Tinhill x hōm

Tinhill x hōm

Situated at The Hillford, Tinhill is a salon that is dedicated to delivering specially curated world-class hair services to their customers. They strive to deliver this experience through a stylish space, top-notch service and a team of highly passionate and talented hairstylists. If you look closely in the salon, you will now be able to see one of hōm’s best selling pieces, the Issha Mug. This marks our very first collaboration and corporate order with anyone, read up more about it below!


What made you choose the Issha Mug for Tinhill?

Bryan From Tinhill: "As we pride ourselves in being service-centric, we are always looking to elevate the customer experience at our salon. When your team reached out to us and proposed using one of your pieces to serve beverages to the customers, we thought that was a great idea.

Among all your products, the Issha Mug stood out the most to us because of its functionality, handmade quality and neutral look. It goes very well with the branding on the salon of delivering “a world class customer experience”. We love how the coaster doubles as a lid, which is important to prevent hair from entering the drinks! And the fact that it was made by Balinese craftsmen is very impressive - you can really tell how much thought goes into this by looking at the details, like the two-toned colour theme and different textures.

The interior design of the salon has an industrial look and feel, with its concrete walls and wooden shelves and I think the mug goes very well visually with it. This will be a piece that will put a smile to our customers' faces when we serve them their welcome drink of choice. For those looking for unique homeware to serve your customers, definitely check hōm out!"


We got a bit excited with our first corporate order so we documented this moment with a simple but fun photoshoot - big thank you to AM and everyone from Tinhill salon for helping us capture these beautiful moments! For those interested in placing a corporate or bulk order with us, please feel free to send us a DM on our Instagram or send us an email at hello@welcomehom.sg, and we will be more than happy to discuss further.