Castlery x hōm

We had the fantastic opportunity to team up with the amazing guys at Castlery in 2023. This was an exciting opportunity for us as we have always been long time followers of the brand.

For this year gifting season's campaign, we partnered up with Castlery for 3 things; an influencer gift package, a joint giveaway (together with Lynk Artisans) and finally a gift with purchase campaign. New Beginnings was the theme of this holiday campaign and we got to hear some inspiring entries from followers in Singapore on what New Beginnings meant to them. 

One of our favourite entries was:

"New Beginnings should feel like finding a hidden trail in the woods. Where the air is charged with the excitement of undiscovered stories, and each step creates a ripple in the tranquil pond of possibilities. Imagine standing in an open field, the morning sun casting a warm glow on the path ahead. New Beginnings isn't just about turning a new lead; it's about strolling through a landscape where the air is fresh with the scent of opportunity. Where your feet and body are light and your soul is energised greatly!"

- @jameow on Instagram.

Wellness is a core part of hōm and this campaign on New Beginnings indeed takes us back to the very beginning, when we launched our very first collection called Kindle. Kindle reminds us on starting afresh, with pieces simple and minimalistic, like a blank canvas waiting to be filled. We hope this wonderful year-end campaign sets an inspiring tone as we step into 2024!

Meanwhile, feel free to drop us an email if you are interested in purchasing our items in bulk at

Giveaway with Castlery and Lynk Artisans:

Gift with purchase campaign:


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